BORN IN THE 10'S | Kids Tee
BORN IN THE 10'S | Kids Tee
BORN IN THE 10'S | Kids Tee
BORN IN THE 10'S | Kids Tee
BORN IN THE 10'S | Kids Tee
BORN IN THE 10'S | Kids Tee
BORN IN THE 10'S | Kids Tee

BORN IN THE 10'S | Kids Tee

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Size chart

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Kids Pajamas







2Y   14 in 12 in 10 in 9 in       20 in
3Y 14.5 in  13 in 10 in 9.2 in 20.5 in
4Y 15.5 in 13.5 in 10.5 in 9.5 in 21.5 in
5Y 16 in 13.5 in 10.5 in 9.5 in 22 in
6-7Y 18 in 16.5 in 11.5 in 10.5 in 27 in
8-9Y 19.5 in 18.5 in 12.5 in 11.5 in 30 in
10-11Y 21 in 19.5in 13.5 12.5 in 33 in


2Y 22.5 inches 9.5 inches
3Y 24 inches 10 inches
4Y 26 inches 10.5 inches
5Y 26.5 inches 11 inches
6-7Y 29.5 inches 11.5 inches
8Y 31 inches 12 inches
10Y 33 inches 12.5 inches
12Y 34.5 inches 13 inches



Mini Skirt

2Y 8 inches 7.5 inches
3Y 9 inches 8 inches
4Y 9.5 inches 8.5 inches
5Y 10 inches 9 inches
6-7Y 11 inches 9.5  inches
8Y 12 inches 10 inches
10Y 13 inches 10.5 inches
12Y 14 inches 11.5 inches



Clementine Dress

1-2Y 18 in 12.5 in 13 in
2-3Y 18.5 in 13 in 14 in
3-4Y 20 in 13.5 in 15 in
4-5Y 21 in 14.5 in 16.5 in
6-7Y 23 in 15 in 18.5 in
8-9Y 26 in 16 in 21.5 in


Maya Set (top)

1-2 12 inches 9.5 inches 14.5 inches
2-3 12.5 inches 10 inches 15 inches
3-4 13 inches 10.5 inches 15.5 inches
4-5 13.5 inches 11.5 inches 16.5 inches
6-7 15 inches 13 inches 20 inches
8-9 15.5 inches 14 inches 21 inches



Maya Set (bottom)

*Please note: The pants are high waist fitting.

1-2 19 inches 12 inches 8.5 inches 
2-3 21 inches 13 inches 9.5 inches
3-4 21.5 inches 13.5 inches 10 inches
4-5 22 inches 14 inches 10.5 inches
6-7 24.5 inches 15.5 inches 11 inches
8-9 28 inches 18 inches 11.5 inches

Kids Tees

6-12M 11 inches 13 inches
18-24M 11.5 inches 14 inches
2-3Y 12.5 inches 16.5 inches
4-5Y 14 inches 17.5 inches
6-7Y 15.5 inches 19 inches
8-9Y 16 inches 20.5 inches
10-11Y 17 inches 22 inches 




Kids Pullovers

6-12M BUBBLE ROMPER 13.5 inches 13 inches 12.5 inches
1-2Y 14 inches 14.5 inches 15 inches
2-4Y 15 inches 16 inches 18 inches
4-6Y 16 inches 18 inches 20 inches
6-8Y 17 inches 19.5 inches 22 inches
8-10Y 18.5 inches 20.5 inches 24 inches
10-12Y 19 inches 21 inches 26 inches
12-14Y 21 inches 24 inches 28 inches


 Kids Sweatshirt Dress

Oversized fit

1-2Y 16 in 14.5 in 14 in
2-4Y 21 in 17 in 18 in
4-6Y 22.5 in 19.5 in 20 in
6-8Y 25 in 20 in 21 in
8-10Y 27  in 21 in 23 in
10-12Y 29 in 21.5 in 24 in
12-14Y 30 in 22.5 in  25 in


** Please note: The front of the dress is 2 inches shorter than the back. The length listed is the back part.



Women's Fit Pullovers

S 25.5 in 24 in 21 in
27 in 25 in  22 in
L 27.5 in 25.5 in 23 in
XL 28.5 in 27 in 24 in

At Minimalist Folk Co., we care about what you and your family are wearing.

Our tee's are all hand designed by us to be of the highest quality! The cut, the fit, the color, the fabric, everything down to the stitching was chosen to be the very best for you and your littles. They're also all hand printed by our maker in her home studio, so the love is baked right in!

Our timeless exclusive designs are made to celebrate your special moments and create lasting memories during these special times. Effortless style, easy to match, made to play! 


We love seeing how you style your Minimalist Folk Co. Apparel + Accessories! Please tag us for a chance to be featured on our Instagram.


Our kids sizing in our exclusive t-shirt design are as follows:

  • 6-12M
  • 18-24M
  • 2-3Y
  • 4-5Y
  • 6-7Y
  • 8-9Y
  • 10-11Y

If you have any questions about our sizing, please email us at for more information.



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